NOBANET project at the University – Business Forum

The Nordic-Baltic cooperation network NOBANET_logoThe Nordic-Baltic cooperation network NOBANET was showcased as an exemplary project to illustrate how universities and businesses can cooperate to support the internationalisation of small businesses.

The University-Business Forum took place in San Sebastian on 18th and 19th of October and was organised by the European Commission together with the Basque Government. A selection of few innovative European initiatives, within which cooperation between universities and businesses has been successfully integrated in teaching and research, were invited to the forum.

Eija Källström, lecturer in business administration at Arcada University of Applied Science and project manager for NOBANET, presented the activities of the network during the conference.

“The project was highlighted as a Best Practice showcase from northern Europe, which was an important recognition for both Arcada and NOBANET,” she explains. “The pedagogical approach of the project – cross-border assignments – attracted attention, and universities in the southern parts of Europe now want to try it out. Thus, we have been able to contribute to international transfer of knowledge and promote cooperation between universities and businesses in different countries.” The recognition was also particularly valuable as NOBANET is not funded by the EU but by Nordplus. In other words, the Commission could not have found it in their own databases, and it is therefore clear that they were consciously looking for a successful project involving several countries and which has been running for some time.

The forum is a welcome initiative, and stronger ties between the business sector and the academic world are beneficial for both businesses and students.

“Cooperation between universities and businesses help students prepare for practical problem-solving situations. NOBANET, for example, builds on a system where students complete various development tasks as part of their international business education in order to demonstrate their specialist skills. Businesses gain access to new knowledge and new ways to develop their business activities.

The seminar also led to new international collaboration opportunities for Arcada, which will be further developed during the autumn.

More information about the forum can be found here is available here.

This article was adapted on original news item at Arcada UAS. Original text can be found here.

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